Hazard Labels

  • All Hazard Classes are available. Examples: Hazard Class Labels availables with or without UN numbers, Tank Markings, Orange Panel Marker, Orientation Arrows, Keep Away Form Heat, Keep Away From Sunlight, Over Pack Markings
  • International Air – labels meet the design requirements of 49 CFR, ICAO and other international air regulations. Examples: Cargo Aircraft Only, Consumer Commodities
  • Marine – vinyl labels meet ther IMO 90 day sea water immersion test specifications is section Examples: Limited Quantity Markings, (word versions or wordless versions are available)

CPP placards are impressive in any element. With rugged on-road capabilities and unparalleled performance, all of CPP's placards are printed with durable UV inks for long life. These inks impede peeling, chipping and fading. Available for domestic and international shipments. Examples include:

All Hazard Classes

  • Dangerous for Mixed Loads
  • Stock & Custom
  • International
  • Placards for Rail and Highway Route Control
  • Magnetic DOT
  • Blank Placard Rolls
  • Other Markings